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Our goal is your satisfaction. Here you can learn to find your perfect size and color, and how to put on a wig, explore full lace cap style, and the difference between human hair and synthetic wigs before your buy.
How to find right size?
Your perfect wig starts with finding the right fit.

Here are the measure guide:
  • 1.Circumference:
  • Measure all around the head. Position tape measure so its edge follows the hairline around the head and nape of the neck.
  • 2.Front to Nape:
  • Measure from hairline at center of forehead straight back over crown to center of hairline at nape of neck.
  • 3.Ear to Ear across forehead:
  • At front of ear, measure from hairline at base of sideburn, up across the hairline along forehead to same point in front of other ear.
  • 4.Ear to Ear over top:
  • Measure from hairline directly above the ear across top of head to the hairline directly above the other ear.
  • 5.Temple to Temple round back:
  • From temple to temple across the back of head.
  • 6.Nape of Neck:
  • Measure the width of hairline across the nape of the neck.
  • EvaWigs Cap Size Here
  •   Circumference Front to Nape Ear to Ear across forehead Ear to Ear over top Temple to Temple round back Nape of Neck


    Average 22.25
    Large 22.75

How to choose a color?

Different settings on individual monitors may distort or change colors. The safest way to get the color that best matches your own hair is to take advantage of our Color Chart.

Here is our color chart.

color chart


   Highlight, Mixed or T Color?

Highlight color

Highlights are a tone or two lighter than the hair color you choose. For example, cew110 at our website, #1 Jet Black is her hair color, and #33 Dark Auburn is the highlight color. You may purchase as below.

highlight color
Highlight Percentage is the amount of the highlight color / the whole hair color. Here, 10% highlight percentage means 10% #33 and 90% #1.

Mixed color

Mixed color is 2 or 3 color mixed together evenly.
For example, as the picture shows below, #33 is her hair color, #27 is the mixed color. You may purchase as below.

mixed color
Mixed percentage is the percent of mixed color / the whole hair color. Here, 30% mixed percentage means 30% #27 and 70% #33 mixed together.

T- color
T-color is the abbreviation of 2-tone color and 3-tone color. It is interpreted as ombre hair color here.
For example, ces108 is a 2-tone ombre (T-color) hairstyle at our website, #2 Darkest Brown is her Top Color (also called root color), #30 Light Auburn is the bottom color. You may purchase as below.


ombre color
2-color color proportion is the length percentage of the top color hair / the bottom color hair. Here Top (20%)-Bottom (80%) means 20% of the total length is in color #2 and 80% in #30.


How to measure hair length?

The hair length should be from the head top to the hair bottom as the hair is straight. The curly and wavy wigs are processed from straight wigs, so in the same length, curly and wavy wigs will be shorter by 1-2 inches (it depends on how deep the curl is) than straight wigs.


  How to choose the length of your wig:  

measure hair length

  How to choose the length of your hair extensions:  

No matter how long your hair is, clip in hair extensions should be worn from a lower part, about 2-6 inch down from your hair top.

Please note that, we highly recommend you to wear clip in hair extensions when your hair is longer than 6 inch.

How to tell the difference of Yaki and Silky?

Yaki texture is process we do to your wig that adds a micro kink to the hair strands to mimic Africa-American people relaxed hair.

The silky straight hair texture is the natural state of the hair. 

Kinky texture is common in Africa-American people. It can also be flat ironed and curled straight. The hair will return to it's original texture once wet/washed and conditioned.. If you are looking for a natural and verisimilitude wig style, kinky can be your choice.

  • yaki
  • sliky
  • kinkly

How to put on a wig?

  1. Cut the extra lace in the front of the cap (glue less cap) or around the cap (other full lace caps which need to use glue).
  2. Braid your own hair, optionally put on your wig cap.
  3. Fix your wig by combs or glue (according to the cap construction you choose).
    • For glue less cap, put the cap on your head, and use the combs sewed inside the lace cap to fix your wig.
    • For other caps, instead the combs, use glue around your head circumference to fix your wig.
  4. Style the wig as you wish.
  5. Wig wearing tips: sew a elastic band inside your cap, and wearing around your neck to make your wig stay in place. Please note that, the elastic band is sewed by our Youtube guru herself, and we will not include in your package.

Pictures source: youtube-fabulasityisme

How to put on a EvaWigs glue less full lace wig?


Check the video here:

How to put on a u-part wig?

  1. Cut the extra lace.

    cut the extra lace

  2. Braid your own hair.

    braid your own hair

  3. Comb the wig to your own hair.

    comb the wig to your own hair

  4. Style your leave out hair.

    style your leave out hair

  5. Combe to Blend your own hair to the wig.

    comb to blend your own hair to the wig

About full lace cap styles.

Different full lace cap constructions offered by EvaWigs here:

  • 1. Full Lace Cap with Stretch
  • 1-A.Full Lace Cap with Stretch in Crown Can Be Adjusted In Crown.
  • 1-B.Full Lace Cap with ear to ear Stretch
  • Please note that, these two constructions need to use glue to fix.
  • 2. Full Lace Cap without Stretch
  • This cap style doesn't have stretch. It can be used by women with no or scarce hair.
  • This cap style has lace all around the perimeter so it's btter for who want to wear your hair in updos and high ponytails. 
  • And when glued down, it will give you a natural hairline all around the perimeter. It can be parted anywhere throughout the unit.
  • 3A. Glueless Full Lace Cap without Ear Tabs
  • This lace cap is convenient for wearing and securing for application without glue (or with a little glue). 
  • If you would like a widow's peak, choose this type of glueless lace cap will create a more natural hairline.
  • 3B. Glueless Full Lace Cap with Ear Tabs
  • This lace cap is convenient for wearing and securing for application without glue (or with a little glue) so as to be very suitable for customers who donot want to use glue.
  • 4. U part
  • U-part is simply a modified half wig, which creates a shape of a ‘U’, and cut out the lace on the top of the wig. 
  • This "U" shape allows you to pull out your own hair, and part with your natural hair to create a natural looking.
  • You can choose the parting position to left, middle or right to flatter your parting preference.
  • And there are four widths of the U-Part available, o.5"*3.5",1"*3.5",3"*3.5 and 4"*3.5".
  • 5. Silk top
  • Silk top can be added to any cap constructions to make your parting invisible by concealing the hair knots instead of the bleached knots. 
  • The color of the silk top is same as the lace color you choose.
  • And there're four sizes available: 4 * 4 / 4 * 5 / 4.5 * 4.5 / 5 * 5 inches.
  • 6. Lace Front Cap Construction
  • A lace front wig only has lace in the front half of the wig, to allow you to part the hair any way you want.
  • The part line of an in stock lace front wig is about 3 inches.
  • And a custom lace front wig part line can be customized to 3", 4.5" or 6".


   How long can I expect my wig to be arrived?

Please note that the processing time is differently according to your custom options and product collections.


Full Lace Human Hair Wig


Regular Order

Regular Silk Top Order

Rush Order

Rush Silk Top Order

In Stock Items

Preparing Time

28 working days

33 working days

18 working days

23 working days

7 working days

Shipping Time

3-5 working days

3-5 working days

3-5 working days

3-5 working days

3-5 working days


31-33 working days

36-38 working days

21-23 working days

26-28 working days

10-12 working days


Human Hair Extensions


Clip Ins

Hair Wefts

Hair Closures

Preparing Time

7-12 working days

7-12 working days

12-17 working days

Shipping Time

3-5 working days

3-5 working days

3-5 working days


10-15 working days

10-15 working days

15-22 working days

Please also note that if you order the combination of a few bundles of hair wefts and a hair closure, the total processing time will depend on your hair closure, and please allow 5 more working days for us to hand tie your closure than your hair wefts.

Thanks for your understanding.



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